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Cauliflower Seeds

Cauliflowers are an enormously popular vegetable, but not always the easiest to grow from seed. Success means you have arrived as a gardener! If you are new to cauliflower growing, try raising one of the more expensive hybrid varieties in plug packs and then planting them out. Top Tip: Bend a leaf over the developing cauliflower head in summer to prevent scorch from the sun and in winter to protect against frost damage.

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Why choose to grow your own Cauliflower Seeds?

Cauliflowers are a regular visitor to our vegetable gardens and sits in the family of Brassica with Broccoli and Cabbage too. Cauliflower is a versatile cooking ingredient, enjoy roasted, boiled or made into a rice alternative. They are rich in nutrients and packed full of vitamins, particularly a good source of fibre. 

Dobies has a range of Cauliflower varieties on offer, choose a classic white head like ‘Snowball’, or try something different with a purple head like ‘Di Sicilia Violetto’. However, if you’re after an entirely new look in your plot, emerging as a popular variety the spiky ‘Romanesco’ has a large pyramid-shaped head with an apple green colour.

How to grow Cauliflowers from seed

Looking after your Cauliflowers:

Caterpillars and pigeons are some of the pests which will try to sabotage your crops. Keep an eye out or use a decent net or cage for additional protection and precaution. Alternatively, scarecrow will work too, and the build is a great family activity down the allotment. 

It’s good to pick over any dead or yellowing leaves. Timing of harvest is important, keep a close eye and before Florets start to uncurl use a sharp knife to cut through the stem below the flower.

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