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Aubergine Seeds

Aubergines can be grown like tomatoes with tomato liquid feed. Aubergine seeds can be sown from February to March at a temperature of 16–18°C (60–65°F). Grow in pots or growbags under glass or in a warm, sunny place outdoors. Harvest from August to October. Top Tip: Try grafted aubergine plants? You will be amazed! We found on trial they are 4–5 weeks earlier than when seed raised.

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Growing Aubergine Seeds

Aubergines (Eggplant) grow from vines and are known for their rich purple glossy skin, cream spongey flesh and edible seeds inside. They are becoming more and more popular grow from home 

What makes Aubergine seeds special?

We know that Aubergines aren’t as exotic as people might think they are, and Dobies has a variety of seeds and ranges for you to grow your own. Our ‘Bonica’ seeds produce a high yield and grow well in patio containers. Alongside our ‘Ophelia’ seeds, this one is compact and fruits throughout the summer.

Are Aubergine seeds edible?

Aubergines seeds are very much edible and even beneficial to our health!

When to plant aubergine seeds in the UK?

Aubergine seeds can be sown during February and March at a temperature of 16–18°C (60–65°F).

How to grow Aubergine plants from seed?

To get bumper crops, keep your Aubergines in the sunshine and sprinkle a few organic slow release fertiliser or pellets to provide them with an extra boost and chance.

The key to success when growing Aubergines:

You can check our packet information to find out planting distances, depths and final plant sizes. Alternatively, our handy Aubergine growing guide provides all this information too. 

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