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Plants for Butterflies

There’s a whole host of plants which can attract butterflies to your garden, you just need to choose the ones for you. You can do your bit for butterflies and plant a variety of their favourite nectar-rich flowers in sunny areas of your garden. They will soon be fluttering through the garden if you shop butterfly-friendly plants today.

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You can provide nectar- and pollen-rich supplies in the garden through an abundance of plants, which not only encourage various species of butterflies to visit, but also allows you to grow something a little different to the rest. 

What plants attract butterflies?

You can choose from many varieties and go with something you prefer, such as Begonias, Bidens, Larkspur, Sedum, Sweet William, Dianthus and Lavender. Buddleia, otherwise known as the butterfly bush, is one of ultimate plants for butterflies that you can plant in your garden. Either way, all of these will see