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Camellia Plants

Camellia plants are wonderful shrubs for the winter and spring garden, with strong shiny foliage and fantastic blooms in an array of colours. They prefer acidic soil, so are sometimes easier to grow in tubs with the right compost.

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Camellia plants – more info

Camellias bring life and interest to your garden during times of the year when other plants are still waiting to show their true colours. With proper watering, and well-drained acidic soil, this glossy-leaved evergreen shrub will provide all-year-round interest.

When do camellias flower?

Blooming times vary among the different types of camellias. Japonica and x williamsii varieties bloom in the late winter to early spring – around late February to April. Camellia sasanqua typically flowers in autumn to early winter.

When to prune a camellia

Camellias don’t require regular pruning, but you can cut them back if you want to reduce the space they’re taking up or shape the growth. You can carry out the process at any time of the year, but it’s best to do it just after flowering to ensure you’re not cutting away potential blooms.

How to prune a camellia

Cut with clean, sharp pruning shears or secateurs. Camellias will take some time to recover from drastic pruning, so avoid going over the top. Trim back wayward branches for shape, although camellias tend to grow neatly so you won’t necessarily have too much to do here. Cut away any dead wood and remove thinner shoots of young plants. After pruning, apply a layer of mulch around the base to help retain moisture and discourage any weed growth.