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Bulb mixes and collections make it easy to create a colourful, flower-filled display! Whether you want blooms in spring or summer, find the flowers for pots, beds and window boxes here. Choose our variety collection to explore a favourite flower like allium, dahlias and tulips or go for a mix of delightfully different bulbs in our mixed collections guaranteed to fill your outdoor space with colour! If you want to find a specific favourite bulb in a single variety, find it in our full range of flower bulbs and tubers.

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What’s best to grow bulbs in?

Grow your bulbs in containers, hanging baskets or in the ground – they’re very versatile! Some bulbs like crocus or miniature iris naturalise if conditions are right, spreading themselves through a lawn or flower bed. If you want to inject easy colour to an area, plant your bulbs into pots in spring or autumn, depending on the varieties you choose.

Choose a broad, wide topped container for small bulbs and pack them in closer than you would plant them in the ground to make a thicker display. Make sure you use a heavy bottomed pot for large blooms that may topple over a lighter pot. As long as you provide good drainage, you can grow your bulbs in any type of container.

What is ‘lasagne planting’?

Lasagne planting refers to the trend of layering different varieties of bulbs in the same pot by planting them at different depths. Bulb lasagnes usually contain bulbs that flower at different points in the season. The tallest bulbs like alliums or tulips make up the first deepest layer, while mid-height bulbs like hyacinth form the middle layer and short early bulbs like miniature iris, dwarf daffodils and crocus form the top layers.

When you come to plant your bulb lasagne in autumn, choose a large, heavy-bottomed pot to hold your mix of bulbs. Choose a peat-free compost mix with good drainage. Fill your pot up to a third full, and place your first layer of bulbs. Cover these with a layer of compost and place your second layer of bulbs, making sure to place them in between the bottom bulbs. Add another layer, and so on. There’s no limit to the number of layers you use in your bulb lasagne as long as your pot is large enough.

Can I mix different varieties of bulbs together?

Mixing different varieties of bulbs together prolongs the shelf life of your display. A bulb lasagne makes excellent use of a single pot, stretching the flowering period out from early spring through to early summer. Make sure you choose bulbs that flower roughly in the same season. Make sure you have a mix of bulb sizes and that you choose a heavy-bottomed pot that won’t topple over with top heavy lilies and alliums. You can layer bulbs in the soil too to easily double the flower power of one small spot, go crazy with your colour combinations!