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Blackberry Plants

Blackberry plants are one of the easiest soft fruits to grow, providing a delicious harvest that can be eaten fresh or enjoyed in jams and desserts. Well-suited to a range of garden sizes, many thornless varieties can even be grown in containers. To ensure your blackberry plant flourishes, grow it in a sunny spot and tie the canes to a sturdy support. With proper maintenance, you’ll enjoy fresh, juicy blackberries, season after season.

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Blackberry plants – more info

Blackberry plants are a worthwhile addition to any garden, offering a huge amount of delicious, homegrown fruit with minimal effort. These hardy plants thrive in our climate and, with just a little care, can produce abundant harvests. Ensure your blackberry plants are well-watered, especially during dry spells, and mulch around the base to retain moisture and suppress weeds. Not sure which variety to choose? Read our helpful tips below.

Which blackberries are the latest to fruit?

Among late-fruiting blackberry plants is ‘Loch Ness’, a thornless, high-yielding variety that produces berries from late summer to early autumn. Another good choice for late fruit is Blackberry ‘Coolaris Late’ - an extremely high-yielding dwarf variety that crops into October. When it’s finished, simply cut all the canes back down to ground level.

Which blackberry plant gives the most fruit?

Blackberry ‘Apache’ is one of the new cultivars that produces a high yield. This sweet, thornless variety is quick to establish, and produces a large quantity of huge, glossy blackberries weighing up to 11g each.

How to plant blackberries

To plant blackberry plants, choose a sunny spot with well-drained soil. Dig a hole large enough to accommodate the roots, ensuring the crown is level with the soil surface. Space the plants about 1.5 to 2m apart to allow for growth. After planting, water thoroughly and mulch around the base. Tie the canes to a support to encourage upward growth and easy harvesting.