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Primrose Plants

Primrose plants bring a touch of woodland charm to your garden. These early bloomers herald the arrival of spring each year and are available in many varieties. Paint your garden with the traditional primrose yellow or a whole palette of vibrant hues, and combine with spring flowering bulbs to create a captivating display during the milder months.

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Primrose plants – more info

Primroses are versatile, and flourish as container plants, in borders, or even naturalised in grassy areas. These low-maintenance flowers are resilient in cooler weather and offer a charming addition to your garden's early-season landscape.

Are primroses perennial?

Yes, primroses are easy-to-grow perennial plants, well-suited to the UK climate and returning year after year in the right growing conditions.

When do primroses flower?

Primrose flowers generally make their presence felt from late winter to early spring, with their vibrant blooms appearing between the months of March and May. However, the exact flowering period can vary depending on the specific variety.

When to plant primroses

Plant primroses in early autumn to allow the roots to establish themselves before winter. This will lead to stronger growth come spring. Container-grown primroses can be bedded down in the late spring after the risk of frost has passed.