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Beetroot Seeds

Beetroot is a traditional English root vegetable and a proven superfood! Its roots are rich in potassium and folate, and also contain vitamin C, and the young leaves are packed with beta carotene, calcium and iron. Beetroot plants crop 12-16 weeks after sowing, and F1 hybrids last longer in good condition than ordinary types. Top Tip: Twist the leaves to remove them – cutting encourages ‘bleeding’ of the messy sap inside.

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Why choose Dobies Beetroot seeds?

We have a range of Beetroot seeds to be the latest addition to your veg patch, which can be enjoyed pickled, roasted or used raw in a Salad. You can choose something more traditional like the ‘Bulls Blood’ Beetroot or try the colourful but wonderful ‘Rainbow Mix’. Whatever takes your pick, Beetroots are easy to grow, come in all shapes and sizes, and are a reliable crop from seed that will grow well.

Growing Dobies Beetroot Seeds

If you plan on growing your own Beetroots and would prefer early crops, sow a bolt resistant variety such as our popular Boltardy Beetroot between March and April. Alternatively, if you want beetroot through the summer and autumn months, sow other suitable varieties between April and July.

How To Grow Beetroot From Seed?

How deep to plant beetroot seeds?

Beetroot seeds should be sown into the soil at a depth of 13mm. They will germinate within 10 to 14 days and will reach maturity in 12 to 16 weeks.

It’s important to keep the soil moist in the early stages of growth and during dry weather once they are up and running. Pick over any dead leaves as they grow. When Beetroot becomes swollen on the soil surface harvest beetroot by gently pulling when the soil is moist. Beetroots are bountiful and can be multiply sown through a season, think about pickling them for a constant supply throughout the year.