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Chilli & Pepper Seeds

From spicy chilli pepper seeds to tasty sweet pepper seeds, we’re confident we’ll have something to suit your needs in the range below. They’re perfect for enjoying fresh, tasty veg without the supermarket price tags. Want to grow more at home? Visit our vegetable seeds department today.

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Why choose to grow your own Chilli & Pepper Seeds?

Chillies are a reliable addition to many home cooked dishes to provide flavour and heat. Peppers are the ultimate burst of fresh flavour in salads and are succulent and soft when cooked. Dobies offers a vast range of Chilli and Pepper Seeds for you to choose from, whether you are planning to grow something sweet and aromatic, or small and fiery. 

If you like it hot, try the super hot Chilli ‘Fiery furnace’, and the popular ‘Jalapeno’ is a renowned chilli to spice up your pizzas and nachos. The easy to grow ‘Habanero’ chilli seeds are a must in jerk sauce. 

If it’s Peppers you want to add to the plot, the ‘Corno di toro rosso’ is delightfully sweet and for container gardeners give ‘Mohawk’ a go in a hanging basket. Alternatively, ‘Yellow Bell’ is a great classic pepper boasting shiny yellow skin. 

How to grow chillies from seed

How to sow Chilli and Pepper Seeds

Remember: to ensure you don’t cause any harm from handling fiery Chillies, wash your hands regularly and keep your fingertips away from your eyes. 

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