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Geranium Plants

Geranium plants – or pelargoniums to give them their correct name – provide fabulous flowers for hanging baskets, beds, borders and containers. Choose from a variety of different-sized geranium plug plants and enjoy attractive sculpted leaves and beautiful flower clusters throughout the season.

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Geranium plants – more info

Whether you grow hardy geranium plants, commonly called cranesbills, or the tender bedding pelargoniums (also often called geraniums), you can be sure of a long season of colour. Try ‘Rozanne’ for guaranteed flower power – it was voted plant of the century at RHS Chelsea. Geranium ‘sanguineum’ is ideal for ground cover in awkward spots, and Geranium ‘Grandeur Angels Perfume’ will not only fill your containers with dazzling summer colour, it also has lemon-scented leaves.

Do I need to deadhead my geranium plants?

To keep tender geraniums (pelargoniums) flowering for longer, deadhead by taking out the entire flower stalk. Hardy geraniums can be cut back after flowering, and may produce a second flush of flowers.

Which geranium varieties are the least hardy?

Pelargoniums or tender geraniums are not frost-hardy and need to be overwintered in a frost-free place. Border geraniums are completely hardy.

Are geraniums poisonous to animals?

Pelargoniums are poisonous to dogs and cats. Border geraniums (cranesbills) are not toxic for pets.