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Trees have so much to offer even the smallest garden. Providing focal points and frameworks, they can also bring a wealth of colour and beauty into your garden, not to mention fabulous crops of fruit or nuts. Evergreens will give year-round colour and shade, while deciduous trees promise glorious shades in autumn and the delight of fresh green foliage in spring. We are sure you’ll find a tree to suit your patch.

Bay Trees

A bay tree is a handsome and useful addition to every garden. Easy to grow and fully hardy, its aromatic leaves are used...
A bay tree is a handsome and useful addition to ev...
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We offer a range of trees to suit every size garden and taste! No matter what size your garden, you can always grow a show-stopping Acer tree with delicate, finely dissected foliage in rich emerald green changing colour in the autumn to create eye-catching displays.

Looking for a tree that’s also tasty and edible?

We offer a wide range of fruit trees, some are perfect for containers so you can enjoy growing your own fruit on a patio or balcony. Ornamental trees are trees that will make a statement in any garden. Add a touch of class to the entrance of your home by framing your front door with Bay trees or Twisted Olive trees. We also have an amazing tree by post gift range, the perfect gift for gardeners. Shop online for trees delivered to your door from Dobies.