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Cucumber Plants

Cucumber plants are an easy way to grow a taste of summer. We’ve got traditional long cucumbers and snack-sized mini fruit suitable for growing outdoors and under glass. Check out Dobies’ lettuce and tomato plants too, to grow a more complete summer salad.

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Cucumber plants – more info

There’s nothing quite like a fresh cucumber and our cucumber plants make it an easy grow-your-own crop. Short of space? Why not try ‘Peticue’, a compact variety that can be grown in a container or ‘Quick Snack’, a dwarf cucumber that can even be grown on a windowsill. Prefer small cucumbers? We’ve got varieties including ‘Mini Stars’ and ‘Ayda’ that produce snack-sized fruit.

Which cucumbers are the heaviest croppers?

Among the heaviest croppers are ‘Bella’, ‘Ayda’ and ‘Hopeline’.

Which flowers should I remove from the cucumber plant?

There is no need to remove flowers on all-female varieties. In the greenhouse, if any male flowers – those without a fruit behind – appear, remove them. Outdoor varieties need both male and female flowers to ensure pollination.

What should I feed my cucumber plants?

To get the best results, feed cucumber plants with a general fertiliser, switching to a tomato feed once you get the first flowers.