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Vegetables to Sow in September

Browse our range of vegetable seeds to sow in September here at Dobies. As maincrop vegetables ripen this month, sow quick growing radish seeds in between the plants and in any gaps in your beds. Crunchy, peppery radish roots are great for slicing into salads and sandwiches. For more jobs to keep you busy in the veg patch this month, our September gardening advice page has a handy list and suggestions for more tasty veg to sow.

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Vegetables to sow in September

September is a peak time to harvest your well earned crops, so you have plenty of homegrown veg to keep you going throughout the quieter months. However, there’s still an abundance of veg waiting to be sown and to make the most of sunny days and warm evenings as summer comes to a close.

There’s a wide range of veg to sow in September (and right up until October in fact), and now’s the time when your cold frame and greenhouse come into their own. If you want to sow your September seeds outside, use a fleece of perforated polythene to protect them.

Transplant spring cabbage into their final growing positions. For a supply of herbs during the winter, pot up basil, marjoram, mint, oregano and parsley plants and grow them on the kitchen windowsill. You can also pot up cut-and-come again salad varieties pots for tasty leaves in the autumn.

Crops should be picked regularly ensuring they are always fresh and tender, and items such as courgettes and beans shouldn’t be left too long prior to picking. It’s also time to grow autumn-planting shallots and onions, and you will be able harvest June to July (Shallots until September) the following year.

Check out our handy blog with the latest tips and further information on September Allotment advice.