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Refer a Friend to Dobies

Refer a Friend FAQs

What is Refer a Friend?

Dobies has an online refer-a-friend scheme which gives existing customers and those who are referred the chance to receive rewards. Dobies works with a partner called Mention Me to deliver this.

How does it work?

If you're a Dobies customer and recommend us to a friend (or two, three or more), we'll add your reward to both your accounts once your friend has placed an order with Dobies for the first time. Our Refer a Friend scheme allows you to share this offer with your friends using just your name. Simply tell your friends to enter your name when prompted during the sign-up process to claim their introductory reward.

How do I refer a friend?

Upon completing an order online, the option to refer-a-friend via the Mention Me programme will be available. This will contain a link with specific details around the reward on offer.

Once registered with Mention Me you can then refer-a-friend by email or they can simply insert your name at the checkout.

If your referred friend then proceeds to place an order with Dobies for the first time then you will both earn rewards.

How do I start sharing my offer?

Once you've placed an order online with Dobies, you can choose whether you'd like to refer friends using your name, on social media, over email or by sharing a unique link.

How will I know when I've received my reward?

When your friend successfully places an order with Dobies you will receive an email with your reward.

I've been referred by a friend and they say I just need to enter their name to get a reward. Where do I do this?

When placing an order online you will see a voucher code box, within this is a link named 'Been referred by a friend?'. Here you can enter the name of the valid referrer and access the reward. If we have one or more customers of the same name you will be required to enter their email address to access your reward.

How many friends can I Refer?

You can refer as many people as you like but will only earn one reward per order.

I have sent my friend to you but I have not received my reward?

In order for you to receive your reward your friend will need to place their first order with Dobies. Once completed you will be emailed your reward.