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Plum Trees

If you’re looking for high-quality plum trees and reliable cropping gage trees, choose from the exceptional range here at Dobies. From the modern Mirabelle to the traditional Victoria plum tree, we have a plum variety to suit you. For medium-sized trees of around 2 to 2.5m, select a variety grafted on St Julien A rootstock or for miniature fruit trees browse our potted fruit plants.

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Growing plum trees

You often ask us about how to plant and care for plum trees so here we give you the information you need to grow healthy, bountiful trees which keep producing year after year.

When to plant a plum tree

Plant plum trees during their dormant phase in the autumn and winter. We supply trees as bare roots ready to go straight into the ground as soon as you receive them. To plant your trees, select a sunny site with well-drained soil, and dig a hole that’s bigger than the root ball by about 15cm all round. Work plenty of well-rotted manure or compost into the bottom of the hole and drive in a supporting stake before planting. Plant your plum tree to the same soil level you can see on the stem, backfill the hole, firm well, and water in.

When to prune a plum tree

Unlike many other fruit trees, you should always prune plums and other stone fruit in August. This helps to reduce the chances of infection by a deadly fungus called silver leaf. Once your tree has established, prune minimally removing dead, damaged, diseased, and dying wood. Always avoid pruning in damp weather and do remember to disinfect your tools thoroughly after use and always before you move from one tree to the next.