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Cucumber Seeds

Cucumber seeds at Dobies are high-quality and easy to grow. Composed of 96% water, cucumbers are low in calories and incredibly refreshing. They’re the perfect option for those looking to eat healthier and fresher food. We have many varieties of cucumber available, from the heavy-cropping Passandra to tasty Marketmore. Our mildew-resistant seeds are particularly good for cropping late in the season, while our hybrid seeds produce impressive yields. Cut the cost of your grocery shopping by growing your own cucumbers at home. But don't stop at cucumbers - fill your whole salad bowl with produce grown from Dobies vegetable seed range

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Growing Dobies Cucumbers Seeds

In every allotment in the summer, we usually find an array of Cucumbers. They are a traditional vegetable many plot holders tend to grow, and they are full of health benefits. A cared-for Cucumber plant will provide a steady supply from early summer through till September and they can grow to all shapes and sizes. You can grow your own with Dobies range of Cucumber varieties on offer and have homegrown cucumbers in no time.

Bush Champion’ is an excellent compact plant which grows well in containers and small patio gardens. ‘Paska’ is an organically produced seed that can be grown outside in a sunny sheltered position or if you have some Greenhouse space going spare then grow the classical 'Bella'.

How to grow cucumbers from seed

Cucumber is a tender plant, so it’s best to start cucumber seeds indoors, under-glass or into a heated propagator, one with cell compartments would be ideal. A decent free-draining peat-free seed compost will give them a strong start.

When to plant Cucumber seeds?

About three weeks after sowing, the cucumber plants can be planted outdoors in early June.

How long for cucumber seeds to germinate?

Cucumber germination takes 6 to 9 days.

Dreaded mildew can attack growing Cucumbers, so remove unhealthy leaves. Whitefly are a common pest but use organic spray to keep them at bay. When you notice the Cucumbers begin to flower, keep the liquid feed steady and this will provide the freshest and tastiest crops throughout the summer months. 

For a helping hand, check out our Cucumber Seeds Growing Guide for more useful hints and tips.

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