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Lavender Plants

Lavender plants are aromatic and tough, perfect candidates to make a scented hedge or to fill the patio with silvery leaves and heady, reliable fragrance in summer from mauve blooms. Delight your senses with the strong fragrance of English lavender, eye-catching large flowered French types and multi-coloured hybrid varieties, all available in our quality range below. Find other delightful culinary herb plants in our collection to fill the garden with ornamental edibles.

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Lavender plants – more info

Lavender plants are tough characters. Loving full sun, this shrub is drought tolerant and will stick around even in temperatures well below zero. English lavender has very strongly scented leaves and blooms, whilst French lavender produces larger, more showy flowers. To help you find your favourite lavender variety we answer some frequently asked questions below.

Which lavender is best for hedging?

Lavender angustifolia, known as English Lavender, makes a great low growing hedge. The white variety lavender ‘Arctic Snow’ creates a stylish, compact barrier that reaches height and spread of 50cm, whilst lavender angustifolia ‘Essence Purple’ is particularly early to flower.

Does lavender spread?

Lavender does not spread in the garden. Propagate your lavender by taking softwood cuttings in spring or hardwood cuttings in autumn and rooting them into fertile soil. Lavender does not reliably self-seed in the garden because the germination rates are low.

When does lavender bloom?

Lavender plants begin to flower from June. Flowering continues through the summer and finishes around September time. Cut back seed heads after flowering to keep your plants looking tidy.

Which is the strongest smelling lavender?

Lavender ‘Hidcote’ and lavender ‘Munstead’ are strong smelling lavenders. These English lavender varieties are said to have the strongest perfumes of all the lavender varieties available.

Top lavender for pots

Plant less hardy French lavender varieties in pots. Move these pots under cover during frosty winters and outdoors again when the weather warms in spring. Lavender ‘Twin Summer’ and ‘Fathead’ have showy, purple bracts which look delightful on the patio.