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Onions & Shallots

Onions and shallots are not only delicious but they’re also easy to grow. A low-maintenance addition to a vegetable patch or allotment, shallots and onions offer gardeners of all levels a satisfying growing experience, establishing a direct link from earth to fork. Companion planting them with other vegetable plants can help to break up the soil and create an ideal environment for onion sets to thrive.

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An easy to grow, low maintenance addition to your vegetable patch or allotment, view all our onions and shallots below....
An easy to grow, low maintenance addition to your ...
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Spring Planting Onions & Shallots

Spring planting onions and shallots from Dobies are quick and easy to grow from sets. All you need is a sunny well-drain...
Spring planting onions and shallots from Dobies ar...
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Autumn Planting Onions & Shallots

Plant autumn planting onions and shallots from Dobies from October to January and crop from May to July the following ye...
Plant autumn planting onions and shallots from Dob...
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Onions and shallots - more info

Onion and shallot sets are quick and easy to grow and their nutritional goodness makes them well worth space in your garden or allotment next to your other vegetable plant collections. With proper care, these kitchen staples thrive in diverse conditions and are rarely attacked by pests or diseases. Find out more about growing them in our handy guide to shallots.

How to grow shallots

You can choose shallot sets for either spring or autumn planting. Plant the shallots with their tips just visible above the ground. Be cautious of bird interference – they might pull them out while searching for grubs, but prompt re-planting ensures uninterrupted growth. Plant in rows that are 30cm apart and leave 20cm between each set. Keep the area free of weeds and water during dry spells. Occasional feeding will contribute to a successful shallot harvest.

When to harvest shallots

If you plant in autumn, your shallots will be ready for harvest after around 36 weeks, but if you bed them down in the spring then they’ll be ready after around 20 weeks – so July or August. When the leaves have dried and turned yellow, it's a sign that they’re ready to carefully lift out. Dry them in the sun if you can, but bring them under cover if it rains. As long as the skins are well dried and free of disease, you can store them for around six months.

When to plant onions

Onion sets are usually planted in early spring, from the middle of March to the middle of April, but some are suitable for autumn planting. Plant sets around 2cm deep, with the tip just visible at the surface. Space them 5cm to 10cm apart, with gaps of 25cm to 30cm between rows. Firm up the surrounding soil and water well.