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Salvia Plants

Salvia plants come in a myriad of shapes, sizes and colours; some are annuals and others herbaceous perennials. With a strong summer and autumn growing season, they offer a wide choice of colours, from subtle blues to startling pinks. You will definitely find one or more that are perfect for your garden. Remember to check out Dobies' full range of flower plugs and plants and make sure you can create just the display you want.

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Salvia plants – more info

From the eye-catching red and white blooms of Salvia ‘Hot Lips’ to the sumptuous purple of ‘Amistad’, there’s a salvia for every garden colour palette, and they will give you weeks of flower.

Are salvias hardy plants?

Many perennial salvias are hardy but will need some winter protection, particularly in harsh weather or if you garden in a cold part of the country. Either use horticultural fleece or bring them under cover. In mild areas, a good mulch of organic matter over the base will protect plants. Tender salvias will need winter protection and are best brought under cover before the first frost.

Will I need to cut my salvia back?

Cut back after the first flowers to encourage a second flush. Delaying cutting back old growth until spring can help to protect the plant over winter.

Are salvias evergreen?

Most flowering salvias are semi-evergreen or deciduous. Culinary salvias, including sage and rosemary, are evergreen as are some shrubby salvias such as ‘greggi’ or ‘macrophylla’.