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Mushroom Plugs & Growing Kits

Mushroom plugs and mushroom growing kits are an excellent way to cultivate your own delicious mushrooms at home. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a beginner, these plugs make growing mushrooms simple and rewarding. Our mushroom growing kits offer an easy way to enjoy fresh produce, straight from your window sill. They also make an excellent gift! If you’re interested in vegetables for indoor growing, our ‘White Button’, ‘Shiitake’ and ‘Chestnut’ mushrooms are an excellent place to start.

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Mushroom kit growing guide

Growing your own mushrooms using a mushroom kit from Dobies is a great way to enjoy fresh, delicious, nutritious fungi at home. Here, we take a look at questions we’re often asked about cultivating mushrooms. Our answers give you all the info you need to get started with your own mushroom kit.

How to grow mushrooms at home

Growing your own mushrooms at home couldn’t be simpler. All our kits come with full instructions to help you get the most from your purchase. Always wash your hands before working with your kit, and then follow the step-by-step guide included with it. Once you’ve set your kit up, place it on a windowsill out of direct sunlight and keep it moist at all times – this is the most important point – never let the substrate dry out.

When to plant mushroom plugs?

When you plant your mushroom plugs will depend on the variety you choose. The right conditions will allow the mycelium to establish and colonise the substrate. You’ll find options within our range that cover planting for every month of the year. Follow your kit’s guidance, ensuring the soil is properly prepared and that consistent moisture levels are maintained, and you’ll soon see healthy growth and a satisfying mushroom harvest.

How long do mushroom grow kits last?

In just a few weeks, your mushrooms will be copious in number and ready to pick. Harvest by rotating each mushroom so that it comes away, leaving none of the flesh in the substrate. Once harvested, more mushrooms will grow for at least another two or three subsequent pickings, ensuring not only lots of tasty mushrooms but great value for money, too. Kits need to be started on receipt and are unsuitable for storage.