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Vegetables to Sow in November

Check out Dobies' range of vegetable seeds to sow in November. It’s a good time to sow spinach seeds directly into sheltered areas of the garden, or into pots in the greenhouse or on a sheltered patio. Find more jobs to keep you busy in the garden this autumn with our November garden tips.

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Vegetables to sow in November

The cold weather has arrived and the plot needs extra protection. Continue harvesting August crops, but November is also the perfect time for reflection of what did well in the garden (and what didn’t) and the ideal month to start sowing new vegetables seeds.

There are still a handful available to sow this month, for a continuous supply of lettuce crops during the colder months, plant winter varieties in pots, borders or grow bags and grow them in a warm greenhouse. Potted herbs should be brought indoors for the winter. Life and divide clumps of chives – why not grow a small pot on your kitchen windowsill?

Now is the time to grow autumn-planting onions, shallots and garlic for a harvest next spring. Protect the crowns of globe artichokes from frost by wrapping straw around the base of the plants. Protect other outside crops from frost and pests with fleece or mesh.

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