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Pumpkin & Squash Seeds

Pumpkins and squashes are the perfect ingredient for stews, casseroles and countless other meals. Plant a range of Dobies pumpkin seeds and squash seeds and you can enjoy great-tasting veg at a fraction of the supermarket price. We have a particularly good choice of butternut squashes varieties, from Autumn Crown to Butterbush and Sunburst seeds. Check out our extensive collection.

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Pumpkins and Squash are both a staple vegetable on the allotment or on the veg patch. As well as being super-easy to grow, they taste great and keep for a good amount of time.

Why Grow Your Own Squash and Pumpkins from seeds?

All you have to do is sow and watch them grow.They not only produce bumper crops of delicious tasting fruits, but are fast-growing and perfect for using on ground reclaimed. The Dobies selection offers Pumpkin seeds for all different growing scenarios and outcomes.

If you're a garden grower and like a challenge, try a competitive variety like ‘Atlantic Giant’ pumpkin seeds and see if yours is the biggest on the plot. Or, try the 'Old Boer White' for a pure white pumpkin. The white skin is a complete contrast to the creamy orange flesh inside.

Not only is a pumpkin a staple on the plot, but it is also the most famous face of Halloween. Try the ‘Jack be Little’ for Halloween fun for the children and spooky garden decor.

The delicious and arguably the most popular winter squash, is the ultimate Butternut squash. And you can’t beat it roasted too, which is a delicious plot to plate meal for all.

When To Plant Pumpkin and Squash Seeds?

Pumpkin seeds need to be sown between April and June under glass.

How to Grow Your Own Squash and Pumpkins from Seeds?

For a big Pumpkin, thin out the fruit to one or two Pumpkins and concentrate on them. Once the Pumpkin plant fruit starts to put on size, cutaway leaves from the fruit to allow the sun to aid ripening.

As plants they ramble but also smaller varieties can be grown on trellis or vine eye and wire. Some gardeners like to grow their Pumpkins on a compost heap, where they can feed off the nutrients freely. Placing Straw under a developing pumpkin will protect from rotting in wet weather conditions. Harvest in early autumn.

How Long Do Pumpkins Take To Grow?

Pumpkin seeds can be sown outside during May and June when any risk of frost has passed. The seeds will reach maturity in 18 to 22 weeks, and can be harvested throughout September and October; just in time for Halloween!

When it comes to harvesting, you can clean up your crops and enjoy them in the kitchen.

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