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Summer Flowering Bulbs

Summer bulbs produce a huge variety of colours, heights and forms that brighten the garden during the warmer months. Our half-hardy summer flowering bulbs appreciate a thick layer of mulch to keep them cosy over the winter or need lifting and storing to protect them from heavy frost. Statuesque and sweet scented lily bulbs are a popular choice, whilst towering gladioli offer height and colour. Explore our full collection of flower bulbs for colour throughout the year, including early blooming spring bulbs and glorious autumn varieties.

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What bulbs flower all summer?

Begonia tubers are extraordinarily long bloomers, flowering from early summer through to the first frosts. These powerful summer flowers need no deadheading and are very versatile, suiting hanging baskets especially. Go for begonia x tuberhybrida ‘Pendula Mix’ for a tumbling mix of colours or try begonia ‘Camellia’ for show-stopping big blooms that look perfect in summer patio containers.

Long flowering summer bulbs for the garden include dazzling dahlias, these are fantastic for those who want to exhibit a big range of flower sizes; dahlia ‘Berry Sorbet Mix’ brings all of the best berry shades with open, cactus and pom pom flower types. For something a little fiery, plant a crocosmia ‘Firestars Scorchio’. This compact and easy to grow variety features two toned orange and red blooms that light up the garden for two full months in the middle of the summer.

How to plant summer flowering bulbs

Plant your summer flowering bulbs in late April and May. As a rough rule, plant your bulbs around two to three times their own depth into the soil. Group bulbs together in the same wide hole to create maximum effect when they flower. Remember to choose a sheltered spot away from prevailing winds – you don’t want your tall flowers toppling over in the summer! Gladioli prefer full sun during the day whereas lilies, dahlias, and crocosmia prefer sun but will tolerate partial shade.

What are good summer bulbs for shade?

Tuberous begonias are good summer bulbs for shade. They’ll bloom repeatedly during the summer months, even in full shade. The best way to enjoy tuberous begonias is in decorative pots or window boxes; use these to highlight shady areas of the garden during the summer.