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Leek Seeds

Grow your own leeks from seed. Leeks are a good source of potassium, folic acid, and vitamins A & C. They also have antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Top Tips: Try salad leeks as a milder alternative to spring onions in summer; Earthing up plants for traditional leeks to blanch the stems is important to keep them tender for winter use.

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Why Grow Your Own Leeks?

We all know leeks for their white flesh and leafy green tops, which stand tall and don’t form a bulb like an onion. However, they saste similar to onions, but much milder and more sweet. When raw, you can enjoy the crunch, but when boiled, they can become more soft and provide subtle flavours to any soup or dish.

Leeks are a hardy plant that can thrive in cold and unpredictable weather conditions. Dobies have a vast variety of leek seeds for you to grow on the plot, including classic salad additions like Spring Onion ‘Atal’, to the stunning foliage of ‘Northern lights’. Not forgetting the extremely winter hardy Musselburgh leeks. Leaks are also great edible plants for producing food once the summer crops have become spent.

If you prefer to grow your own veg, then Leeks are a good option if you enjoy the rewarding process of plot to plate. Nothing tastes better than making your own homemade dishes extra special with homegrown ingredients picked straight from the veg patch.

When Do I Sow Leek Seeds?

How To Grow Leeks From Seed

There are a few different ways you can sow leeks from seed, so why not read our handy tips below to find the best way for you to grow your own leeks. If you plan to sow indoors, try a seedbed, or if space is limited, sow them in pots.

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