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Garden planters and pots can brighten up the look of your garden with style, form and function. Our durable designs are perfect for showcasing your favourite garden plants and flowers and adding personality to your outdoor space. Planters and pots provide a convenient solution for small gardens but are also ideal for those looking to organise a larger space. Explore our range for garden pots and planters to suit your designs.

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Garden Pots and Planters - A Quick Guide

Extend your growing season with our versatile garden planters, allowing you to nurture plants all year round. Allow your plants to bask in summer sunlight, then transition indoors to shield them from the chill of winter. Here, you can explore our wide selection, ranging from compact pots to large statement planters. Modern square pots offer a sleek look, while wheelbarrow-style planters can instil your garden with a rustic charm. Or for interest at eye level, we have a selection of hanging baskets. Check out our tips for planters and plant pots below to help you decide.

Can you use garden soil for potted plants?

Yes, you can use garden soil for potted plants, but it's not always the best option. Garden soil tends to be heavier and more compacted than potting mix, which can lead to drainage problems in garden planters. Additionally, garden soil can contain weed seeds, pests and diseases that could potentially harm your potted plants. For best results, it's recommended that you use a high-quality potting mix specifically formulated for using in garden plant pots and planters.

How to arrange plant pots in garden

When arranging plant pots in your garden, aim for variety in height, colour and texture. Create clusters or groupings for visual impact, while also considering sunlight and watering requirements. You can opt to maintain balance and symmetry for neatness but don't shy away from asymmetry for added interest. Try layering plants for depth, placing the taller ones towards the back. Remember to leave enough space for growth and airflow between your pots, and consider seasonal changes in your arrangements. Also keep maintenance in mind by grouping plants with similar needs together.

How to plant a herb garden in pots

Choose containers with drainage holes for culinary herb plants such as basil, parsley and mint. Fill the plant pots with well-draining potting mix, and plant the herbs at the same depth as in their nursery pots. Space the herbs six to 12 inches apart, water regularly and place in a sunny spot. Harvest the herbs frequently, fertilise every few weeks, and monitor for pests and diseases. Also prune as needed to encourage fresh growth.