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Garden Planters & Plant Pots

Add style and structure to your garden with stylish, reliable garden planters from Dobies. A new home for your plants and flowers can be a perfect touch when adding your personality to your green spaces. Our garden pots and planters are a great solution for those short on space and for those wanting to keep their garden tidy.

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A garden planter can also help you grow all year around. During the summer months, let your plants thrive in the sunlight—then when winter comes, simply move your pots and planters indoors to protect them from the cold.

Choose from our extensive range of styles and sizes: from small garden pots to long garden planters. Why not see how our modern gravity pots can add a sophisticated edge to your landscape, or how our wooden wheelbarrow planter can help create a rustic idl?

Any garden planter or pot you buy from Dobies will be of the highest quality and are all found with down to earth prices. Browse our range below to find the ideal solution for the space you want to fill.