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Vegetables to Sow in July

Buy quality vegetable seeds to sow in July here at Dobies. It’s a busy month in the garden and there’s plenty to get started. It’s a great month to direct sow runner bean seeds under a sturdy support. Try making an attractive teepee or a tunnel with bamboo poles and twine for these fast growing climbers. Stay busy in the garden this month with our helpful July garden tips page.

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Vegetables to sow in July

Weatherwise, it has been perfect this month for gardening and growing veg on the plot. Warm days are running into the evening, and there’s plenty of time to be outside sowing new and exciting vegetables.

During July, there are over 100 varieties to keep you busy, but continue to make new sowings of carrot, lettuce and spinach. Pot-grown sweet corn can be planted out - place the plants in blocks rather than rows, spacing them out about 45cm apart. Beetroot and other crops can be harvested while they are young and tender.

Regularly pick runner bean, French beans and courgettes to encourage further cropping. Remove side shoots on tomatoes and stop the plants when 4-5 trusses have been produced. Feed regularly with a high potash liquid fertiliser.

Check out our handy blog for the latest tips and read our July allotment advice.