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Sweet Corn Seeds

Sweetcorn seeds are easy to grow and they produce deliciously tasty veg. So why not grow your own? And enjoy fresh from the garden with a knob of melted butter.

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Why Grow Your Own Sweet Corn From Seed?

Also widely known as ‘corn on the cob’, Sweet Corn seed is a striking plant in it’s own way, with an almost architectural appearance. We know it for it’s tightly packed rows of bright yellow corns which taste delicious slathered in butter.

Producing sweet and juicy crops, Sweet Corn seeds are always planted in numbers as it is wind-pollinated. On the plot or veg patch, a group of sweet corn is quite a sight, but they are pretty easy to grow if you take some consideration. However, it's the wonderful taste of the cob we are after and Dobies plethora of sweet corn seed varieties can bring plot to plate in no time!

‘Damaun’ is golden yellow and full of taste. But how about something a bit unusual? White sweet corn cob ‘Illusion' will make your plot different to anyone else's.In recent years baby sweet corn has gained huge popularity, and if it's a favourite of yours, try ‘Mini pop’.

How To Grow Sweet Corn From Seed

How Long Does Sweet Corn Take To Grow From Seed?

Your sweet corn seeds should germinate within 10 to 12 days, and the corn on the cob ready to harvest within 14 to 16 weeks.

Harvesting Sweet Corn

When your cobs are ready for harvesting, look to when leaves around the cob turn brown. Twist sharply for a clean break. The quicker you eat your cob the fuller of flavour it will be as, so try and pick them as you need them.

For some fun, how about making a mini sweet corn maze by planting them in a pattern. They will grow in a pot, plant three together and underplant with some colourful bedding like Petunias.

When it comes to cooking your Sweet Corn, there’s certainly more than one way that you can enjoy the fresh taste of your own homegrown crops. Have simply steamed, mixed into a tuna pasta or griddled corn on the cob at the next summer BBQ.

With that in mind, check out our handy guide with some helpful tips on growing Sweet Corn fresh from the garden!

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