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Celery Seeds

Dobies of Devon is proud to bring you a superb selection of quality, affordable celery seeds. Not only can growing celery at home be incredibly rewarding, but the vegetable boasts a number of health benefits too. Low in calories, celery is a good source of potassium and has anti-inflammatory properties to help lower blood pressure. Discover all of our celery seeds for sale below. Check out our range of lettuce, tomato and cucumber seeds too.

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Why choose to grow your own Celery Seeds?

Celery is a well known vegetable on the plot, but are sometimes underrated although there’s more to this veg than the stalk alone. A homegrown variety tastes superb and is a rewarding crop to grow, but there are types of Celery grown with different techniques. There’s trenching and self-blanching varieties, the trenched celery plants take more time but are definitely flavoursome, whereas self-blanching celery crops quicker. Dobies offers self-blanching, and ‘Loretta’ will provide smooth, succulent, mouth-watering white sticks!

How do you plant celery seeds?

Sprinkle the celery seeds over a seed tray or pot that has decent peat free seed compost. You don't need to cover the seeds as they need light to germinate.

How to grow Celery from seed

For self-blanching celery;

Always refer to the packet for spacing – self blanching plants are planted in blocks, closer together to encourage blanching, this means the plant produces multiple and hence more Celery.

For trench celery;

How to use liquid feeds in celery growing

Grow your Celery seeds in a sunny spot and allow irrigation. If time is running out, invest in irrigation aids. An absolute must is to never let your Celery dry out. Regular liquid feeds are important but should be applied little and often. When the time is right, get your hands dirty and enjoy the harvest, you have the option to eat your celery fresh from the plant or cook in a variety of ways for your homegrown meals. 

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