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Apple Trees

Buy top-quality apple trees at down-to-earth prices here at Dobies. Britain has the best climate in the world for growing apples, allowing them to develop excellent flavour and colour. Grow your own delicious fruit trees, simply choose your favourite variety from our extensive selection.

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Your questions about apple trees answered

Here we answer your most commonly asked questions about apple trees.

Do apple trees lose their leaves?

Yes, apple trees are deciduous and so shed their leaves each autumn.

When to prune apple trees

Prune your apple trees once the leaves have dropped and they have entered their dormant phase between November and the beginning of March.

How to prune apple trees

The way to prune free-standing apple trees is first, to remove any dead, dying, diseased, or damaged branches and shoots. Next, get rid of criss-crossing branches which rub together, working to open up the centre of the canopy to allow plenty of light and air in. Aim for four or five main branches arranged in a neat ‘goblet’ shape. Shorten last year’s growth by one third to just above a suitable bud.

For trees you’re training, like espalier, cordon, or fanned trees, winter prune while you’re creating your apple tree’s basic shape. Then, when it has established, switch to summer pruning at the end of August.

Whenever you’re pruning, make sure you use sharp tools, and disinfect them after completing each tree to prevent spreading infection.

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