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Courgette Seeds

Courgettes grown from seed in your own garden are best for taste and the environment! For maximum production of courgettes, it is essential that all fruits of a culinary size are removed three times a week whether required or not. Do not remove skins, just slice and grill, stir-fry, boil lightly, or use raw in salads. Top Tips: Choose the variety for your conditions; If mildew is a problem try Tosca because on our trials we have found it has good resistance to this fungal disease. Make sure you check the full range of Dobies to stock your garden or allotment.

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Courgettes are one of the most versatile vegetables there are in the kitchen, with trending recipes like courgette spaghetti, and turn a courgette into a moist, healthy baked cake. They are architectural in growth and can easily sit in a border or veg patch. You can shop a range of Courgette varieties at Dobies for your latest addition at the allotment. 

The ‘Sure thing’ is a courgette Hybrid that does what it says on the tin and for a really full of flavour courgette, the 'Golden Zucchini' can’t be beaten. These crops can produce fruits for up to 4 months of a season.

How to grow Courgette from seed? 

Fed up with weedy ground? The best way to deal with it is to grow Courgettes through artificial black mulch such as Mypex. Lay it over the weedy ground, cut a cross into the Mypex and plant through. You can then apply Organic mulches on top of this.

Growing courgettes in pots and containers

Nowadays, you don’t need a garden to grow veg and you can easily grow courgettes in pots and containers if you select the right seed from the start. The F1 Defender, Courcourzelle and F1 Atena are a few ideal varieties to begin with. 

When to harvest courgettes?

We know that Courgettes grow very quickly and if they get too large, they lose flavour and become marrow like. Be sure to pick them when they are young and smaller to get the tastiest and flavoursome crops. 

To find out more handy hints and tips, check out our courgette growing guide

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