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French Bean Seeds

French beans are delicious, productive and relatively easy to grow from seed. They crop 10–16 weeks from sowing. Sow under glass in March for early crops and April onwards outside. Pick regularly when the pods are young to encourage further cropping. Top Tip: for early crops use fleece or cloches to warm up the soil and give protection.

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Grow your own French Beans from Seeds

French Beans are a popular choice in allotments and vegetable gardens because there are many varieties to choose from which grow in all kinds of unique shapes, colours and sizes. They are a great plot to plate vegetables to grow and are stunning standalone plants.

Try something different with Dobies French Bean varieties, like the ‘Goldengate’ or the ‘Blauhilde’ for yellow and purple colours. Besides the more traditional choice like ‘Cobra’, the Italian speciality ‘Borlotto Firetongue’ has a red mottled skin which will be a knockout staple on the plot. 

No matter the size of your outdoor space or vegetable garden, many of our varieties can be grown in containers and window boxes too. 

How to grow French Beans plants from seed

When to plant French Beans?

Your bean seeds need to be sown outdoors between April and June and take just 12 weeks to reach maturity! If desired they can be grown under glass between March and April ready for transplanting outdoors.

French Bean Growing Tips

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