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Vegetables to Sow in April

Find vegetable seeds to sow in April here at Dobies. It’s a great month to sow lines of carrot seeds straight into well prepared, raked ground. You’ll be quickly rewarded with long straight roots! If you want to find plenty of great sowing suggestions for this month, head to our April gardening tips page for all things vegetable.

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Vegetables to sow in April

April is a busy month for the avid gardener in the garden or on the allotment, as there are plenty of seeds ready to be sown. Days are growing longer and warmer, but don’t be fooled, as frost can still emerge and pose a problem. If frost threatens, pull some fleece over your potato foliage.

This is a good month for a mixture of sunshine and showers, which can be a winning combination for bringing our plots to life and helping our plants to thrive! With over 400 varieties available to sow in April, why not plant onion sets when the soil is dry.

Also, if you aren’t growing tomatoes from seed, now is the time to order your tomato plants.

Check out our helpful blog for more handy tips and further April allotment advice.