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Marrow Seeds

Sow marrow seeds singly in 7.5cm (3in) pots under glass in early April and plant outdoors in late May. Alternatively, sow outdoors where the plants are to grow in late May or early June. Top Tip: To assist early cropping when insects may be scarce, remove the petals from a male flower and gently insert the core into a female flower, using a different male flower each time.

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Why Grow Your Own Marrow Seeds?

Marrow seeds are extremely similar to courgettes, but they mature into much longer and more round fruit further down the line. They are super-easy to grow once you get the plants up and running, and once the fruit forms, you can watch bumper crops grow day by day.

Like Courgette, Marrow seeds are a hearty plant producing fleshy-fruit vegetables which are worth growing, and have pride of place for both food and ornamental pleasure. If you are a home gardener, these are a great option for plot to plate homemade dishes, and can be cooked in a variety of ways.

Dobies has a wide variety of Marrow seed for you to grow on the plot, including ‘Tiger Cross’ for the traditional large torpedo Marrow,or ‘Piccolo’, for much smaller rounder fruits. If you fancy something a little different at your next summer BBQ, try the ‘Tennis ball’. They go great in burger buns or salads.

When to Plant Marrow Seeds?

Marrow seeds need to be sown in 75mm pots in April or May under glass.

How to grow Marrow plants from seed?

How to Harvest Your Marrows?

To get a nice clean-cut break, twist the Marrow to the right when harvesting. You can place straw under the forming Marrow to prevent rotting if the climate is proving to be a bit wet. Marrows can be stored in dry cool conditions for longevity.

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