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Garden Ready Plants

Garden ready plug plants are delivered to your door from Dobies when they're ready to go in the ground. There's a great kickstart to your summer bedding and hanging basket displays here – these pot-free plants offer great quality and value. Looking for larger garden ready plants? Check out our jumbo plug plants for a varied and colourful selection.

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Garden ready plugs FAQs

Garden ready plug plants arrive pot-free with healthy green growth and a strong root system. Plant up bedding displays, containers and hanging baskets using these quality plants from Dobies as soon as you receive them in the post to make an instant impact. Whether you’re after bright begonias for a fresh summer display or perennial plants to create a herbaceous border, garden ready plug plants make a strong starting point.

What are garden ready plants?

Garden ready plants are sent to you with strong green growth and roots so they’re ready to pop in the ground as soon as you receive them in the post. Dobies’ garden ready plants arrive pot-free making them a great option for supplying a bigger planting whilst reducing plastic waste. Garden ready plugs have been carefully raised from seed and are the perfect stage in their development for planting into their final positions and they’re pre-flowering so they can establish before filling the garden with blooms.

Can you plant plug plants straight into the garden?

You can plant garden ready plug plants straight into the garden. Less developed, smaller plug plants need potting on to grow stronger tops and roots before they reach their garden ready stage. Plugs that are ‘garden ready’ are developed before being posted out for instant planting into pots, planting schemes and borders outdoors.

How soon do I need to plant plug plants?

It’s best to plant your plug plants as soon as you receive them. They’re happy for a few days in their packaging as long as they’re kept in a cool space out of direct sunlight. Make sure to keep their roots moist using a misting spray. When you’re ready, plant your plug plants using plenty of fertile soil or compost, choosing a sunny, sheltered spot or pot on into slightly larger pots to develop.