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You can't beat homegrown vegetables. It’s not only the superior taste of freshly harvested produce that is so satisfying, but there’s also a real sense of achievement and pride in cultivating your own healthy vegetables for the table. Growing your own is so economical and you don’t even need a large outdoor space – there are lots of varieties that will thrive in a patio tub or in a pot next to the kitchen window. The choice is yours.

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The Benefits Of Growing Your Own Veg

Growing your own vegetables has many benefits. Not only does it save you money but, it is also a truly satisfying experience. Nothing beats the taste of home-grown veg picked straight from the garden or on the allotment. Wow, your friends and family with delicious additions to your favourite recipes. If you have children or grandchildren it’s a great way to educate them on growing their own food and will encourage them to eat a variety of vegetables.

What are the easiest vegetables to grow?

If you’re worried about space then don’t forget our fantastic Patio Garden collection or our Mushroom Plugs & Growing Kits.