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Pea Seeds

Dobies pea seeds will give you a perfect flavoursome summer crop. Peas homegrown from seed taste delicious raw, fresh from the pod, as soon as you’ve picked them. If you do get them as far as the kitchen, they are a really versatile vegetable – a family favourite that is a simple, tasty addition to all kinds of meals.

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Pea seeds are a popular option for the home gardener and they can be picked straight from the plot. Growing your own in the veg patch produces sweet and delicious pods, much tastier than the frozen kind. They are super-easy to grow, and even achieve good yields in small growing spaces. Whatever size of your plot, Peas can be grown in containers on the patio for a space-saving crop, so you don’t need a large garden to enjoy homegrown peas.

Why Grow Your Own Peas From Seed?

Peas can be sown over a long period of time, but they prefer cooler conditions to get started. With such a wide range of pea varieties to choose from, they can be sown in succession through the spring to crop early summer through to autumn. A selection of Dobies Pea seed includes ‘Oregon Sugar’, a sweet sugar snap seed. Or try the multi-coloured mix, ‘Douce Provence’, which can be sown in two-week intervals and even overwintered if autumn sown. These are noted for producing many pods. ‘Ambassador’ is a disease-resistant variety batting off mildews and is a vigorous plant.

When To Plant Pea Seeds?

Round pea seeds are hardy and can be sown in late autumn or between January and March and wrinkled pea seeds need to be sown in succession between March and June. Whether you choose to grow one or both, they will produce delicious tasting peas and edible pea pods for you to enjoy in homemade meals and a new ingredient in the kitchen garden.

How Do You Grow Peas From Seed

At Dobies, we offer generous numbers in our Pea seeds, so you should achieve a steady supply of Peas to enjoy. There is no reason why this shouldn’t happen, but if you're limited for space for growing, then raised beds are another great option to consider. Dig your Peas into the soil once they have come to an end. Just one word of caution, avoid sowing pea seeds in cold wet weather.

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