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Vegetables to Sow in May

Choose from our range of quality vegetable seeds to sow in May. If you want a prolific crop of tasty zucchini during the summer, sow courgette seeds this month in modular seed trays. Go for yellow, striped and round varieties for a fun selection of colours and flavours. And for plenty of other top vegetables to sow this month, take a look at our info packed May garden advice page.

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Vegetables to sow in May

Summer months are on the horizon and sunnier days and lighter evenings are emerging. The past two months have been a roller-coaster of ride weather wise and the allotment garden hasn’t known if it’s been coming or going. However, there are still nearly 300 varieties available to sow in May, so it’s time to get our hands dirty and get busy on the veg patch.

In the month of May, seeds can be sown outdoors but for an early crop, sow two seeds per deep pot in the greenhouse or on a windowsill, thinning out to leave the strongest seedling, for planting outside in late May or June.

Baby vegetables are very popular with children and are great if growing space is limited. Many can be sown at this time and, with the exception of sweet corn, can be grown in containers and grow bags on the patio as well as in the vegetable garden.

Check out our handy blog for more helpful tips and May allotment advice.