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Vegetables to Sow in October

See our excellent range of vegetable seeds to sow in October here. Now is the time to sow hardy winter lettuce seeds and quick growing salad leaves like mustard in the gaps left by your summer crops and in your empty greenhouse beds. Stay busy this autumn with our October gardening tips page, there are plenty of jobs to do in the vegetable patch this month and crops to harvest.

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Vegetables to sow in October

October is the month which invites autumnal days and we see changing colours in the horizon, shorter colder days and the threat of crisp developing frost. You are likely to still be busy harvesting your crops but without a doubt, there is an abundance of veg to sow and hard work to be completed on the plot in October.

Some of this includes heavy lifting and clearing of summer flowering items on the to do list, but also nearly 30 varieties are waiting to be sown too.

Why not grow autumn-planting garlic? Plant your garlic cloves from October to January and you will be able to harvest your garlic May to July the following year. Autumn-planting onion and shallot sets can be planted in a well-drained, sunny position, up to the end of November too. Lift and store root crops such as carrots, beetroot and potatoes. Cut down asparagus to near ground level.

Check out our blog for the latest tips and further information on October allotment advice.