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Petunia Plants

Petunia plants are among the prettiest and most popular of summer annuals. Their generous velvety flowers come in vibrant jewel-like colours making them popular bedding plants. Choose from petunia plug plants, pre-planted baskets and potted plants to boost your garden displays.

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Petunia plants - more info

A popular bedding plant for beds, baskets and borders, petunias are adaptable for a variety of settings. Their blooms provide a shower of colours from late spring to autumn. With ornamental elegance and diverse hues, these versatile plants will elevate your garden aesthetic to another level.

Are petunias perennials?

Petunias are mostly classed as tender perennials but they’re generally grown as annuals in the UK as they don’t like the colder weather and won’t survive frost.

When to plant petunias?

It’s best to plant petunias after the risk of frost has passed, so wait until late spring at the earliest. From late April to late June will be the most appropriate window for planting outdoors, although you can start them indoors in the late winter or early spring and then transplant them outside once the weather has warmed up.

How to deadhead petunias

Deadheading petunias is recommended to keep the plant in tip-top condition and encourage blooming. Simply pluck off the crumpled brown flower heads, or snip off at the stem, as close to the branch as possible. You can also give the plant a light trim later in the season and feed to boost growth.