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Kiwi Plants

Kiwi plants are vigorous growers. This climbing tropical fruit is sure to lend an exotic feel to your garden while producing delicious crops of vitamin C rich kiwi fruits in late summer. Whether you choose a hairless variety for easy snacking or a self-fertile fruit to grow alone in a small space, you’ll find your perfect vine in our collection below. Kiwi flowers have a delicate scent to enjoy so are a delightful choice to cover a pergola or garden arch, find other delicious soft fruits in our collection to fill your garden with sweet treats.

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Kiwi plants – more info

Kiwi fruits may be associated with the sunny southern hemisphere but they do grow very well in the UK. The small fuzzy fruits crop in large numbers from vigorous vines. Find answers to kiwi questions below to get you started with growing your own juicy fruits.

Which is the best kiwi plant for UK gardens?

The self-fertile kiwi ‘Jenny’ is a great choice to plant in the UK garden. Plant your kiwi at the base of a sturdy trellis to enjoy picking the hanging fruits in September. For cooler areas, the female kiwi ‘Geneva’ is a reliably frost hardy option tolerating temperatures as low as -15ºC.

Do you need more than one kiwi for pollination?

Yes. Generally, if you’re growing a male or female kiwi you’ll need to get it a partner of the opposite sex to reliably get fruit from your vine. However, this isn’t always the case. Kiwi ‘Issai’ is another special self-fertile variety that doesn’t require a pollination partner. It’s a good choice for smaller gardens where there’s only room for one plant.

Can you keep kiwi plants small?

Pruning helps keep your vigorous kiwi vine in check. Cut your vine in winter and summer, remembering that kiwi flowers and fruits are produced on new shoots that sprout on last year's growth. Remove surplus whippy growth using clean, sharp snips.

Do kiwi plants tolerate shade?

Plant your kiwi plant in a position in full sun. The young shoots in spring are easily damaged by late frost so avoid frost pockets in the garden. South facing walls or an exposed sunny spot at the base of a pergola is best.

Are kiwi plants evergreen?

Kiwi plants are deciduous climbers. They lose their large, fuzzy green leaves at the start of the winter months, sprouting again in late spring with fresh, whippy growth.