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Radish Seeds

Crunchy radishes are a great choice of crop for the novice gardener to grow from radish seeds. Children will enjoy cultivating them too because they are so quick to develop from seeds into an edible vegetable to enjoy raw as a snack or at the dinner table. Perfect in salads, make room for some of these delightful mini root veg in your patch.

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As one of the simplest and quickest vegetables to grow on plot or veg patch, these are well known to most garden growers. These root vegetables are also packed with nutrients, arguably one of the healthiest crops on the plot!

Why Grow Your Own Radish Seeds?

You don’t have to own a large garden or allotment to be able to grow your own Radish seeds. Whether you grow them in containers, open ground in drills, or raised beds, Radish will happily grow in all kinds of spaces.

The fast-growing Radish comes in many varieties and in a selection of unique colours. Dobies have a wide range of Radish seed, including the tasty ‘French Breakfast’, a winter radish which can even be used in stews, the ‘Long Scarlet' and for an amazing crispy peppery taste try ‘Rainbow mix’.

Radishes almost always have a peppery taste, but some can be more sweet. Light-coloured varieties often have a milder taste whilst darker red radishes are more strong and pungent. However, the smaller kinds are known for having a great flavour and texture altogether!

When To Plant Radish Seeds?

How Long Do Radishes Take To Grow From Seed?

Radish can be cropped in as little as 4 to 6 weeks, so if sown regularly a plentiful supply for the salad bowl is easy to achieve. Sow from March until October. If you spot a lot of small holes in the leaves of Radish plants this is a little chap called Flea beetle. It’s not a massive problem but if it's prevalent, cover the crop in Fleece or a tunnel cloche.

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