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Asparagus Plants

Asparagus plants are quick to establish, yielding your first delicious harvest next spring, followed by annual spring asparagus pickings for many years to come. Choose your favourite asparagus crowns from the popular varieties below, and be sure to check out Dobies' full veg seeds range.

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Asparagus plants – more info

Asparagus plants may be a long-term investment but they are worth it, giving you a crop that really is better homegrown than bought. Our Continuity Collection is designed to give you the maximum cropping time and we also have crowns for purple and white varieties.

How should I plant asparagus crowns?

Dig a trench around 20cm deep and add plenty of good organic matter – compost or well-rotted manure. Make a ridge down the centre of the trench using the soil you took out to make the trench. Put the crown on it, shoots uppermost, arranging the roots over the edges of the ridge – be careful as they are easily broken. Cover with soil, leaving the shoots just showing. Space crowns around 45cm apart. Water well and mulch.

Can I grow asparagus in pots?

Asparagus can be grown in large containers but the plants will crop for only a few seasons. Make sure your containers are positioned for full sun for best results – but many gardeners recommend that asparagus is grown in the ground.

What are good companion plants for asparagus?

Asparagus is best grown in a bed on its own without other crops to get the best results. However, some gardeners suggest herbs like coriander or dill might complement asparagus plants.