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Organic Vegetable Seeds

Organic growing is more popular than ever, and we’re excited to build upon our popular range of organic veg seeds for 2021. We’ve carefully chosen 9 organic veg seeds from our sister company The Organic Gardening Catalogue.

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Why grow your own organic vegetables?

There’s something satisfying about serving the family a plate of homegrown organic veg, and you’ll find organic seeds in mouth-watering varieties. You'll find everything from pumpkins to carrots and even some edible flowers.You also know exactly what it is in your veg and the journey of where it came from, which gives you much more information than shop bought veg. We’ve carefully chosen over 50 organic vegetable seeds, so if you plan to take the first step towards an organic veg patch or allotment, this range is a great place to start for a future of bumper crops.

Certified Organic

All the seeds in this collection have been produced without using synthetic fertilisers or pesticides – beneficial for the soil, the environment, and for pollinators and other insects. Attracting pollinators into your garden is a natural way to protect your veg from pests, pollinate your plants and provide them with a safe habitat. What’s not to like!

Read our blog on Organic Gardening & Tips on Sustainability to learn how to garden organically and know some of the simple changes you can make on plot to help the environemnt.