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Indoor Trees & Bonsai

Bonsai is the ancient art of growing trees in miniature, letting you bring the beauty of mature trees into the comfort of your own home! These stylish little house plants add an oriental feel to contemporary and minimalist indoor spaces. If you prefer your trees on a larger scale (but still perfectly manageable), then citrus trees make wonderful container plants for a bright room or conservatory.

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Bonsai trees - more info

Bonsai combine a sense of tranquillity with timeless beauty. These indoor miniature trees add a unique elegance to your house plant collection and, when nurtured with care, help to create a peaceful aesthetic. Careful pruning, regular watering and sufficient sunlight will help them thrive.

How to care for a bonsai tree

Bonsai trees require consistent temperatures, as well as ample light and humidity. Regularly check the substrate's moisture level and water when it begins to dry. Apply specialised bonsai fertiliser every one to two weeks. In winter, adjust the tree's position for more light exposure, and keep away from hot radiators. During summer, move from windows to prevent overheating and leaf scorching.

How long do bonsai trees take to grow?

The rate of growth for a bonsai tree depends on a number of factors, including the tree species, the environment it’s grown in and the level of care provided. In general, bonsai trees are known for their slow growth, and it can take several years – and even decades – to achieve full maturity. Patience is a virtue when it comes to bonsai growing!

Which is the best bonsai to start with?

If you’re looking for a gentle start to your bonsai journey then ‘Sageretia’, also known as Chinese sweet plum, is perfect for beginners. It’s a subtropical evergreen shrub with a tight canopy of shiny, oval leaves and is best grown in ample brightness indoors but away from blazing sunlight. ‘Ligustrum’, or privet, is also a good beginners’ choice. These hardy, undemanding trees with dark green leaves react well to pruning.