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Artichoke Plants

Artichoke plants are perennials that will give you a tasty crop. Choose either the globe artichoke whose flowers are edible or the Jerusalem artichoke where the tubers are eaten. Complement these delicious treats with your own selection of veg plants from Dobies’ range.

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Artichoke plants – more info

Artichokes are beautiful as well as productive. Globe artichokes produce architectural plants that will grace any border and if you let the buds open, they produce thistle-like flowers.

Jerusalem artichokes, a relative of the sunflower, have lovely yellow daisy-like blooms. They are grown for their edible tubers, which are harvested in late autumn.

Can artichoke plants survive the winter?

Globe artichoke plants will need protection over winter until they are well established. Even then, it is worth protecting them with a thick mulch of straw or compost in very harsh weather or if you garden in a cold part of the country.

How deep should I plant Jerusalem artichokes?

Tubers should be planted about 15cm (6ins) deep, and about 30cm (12ins) apart.

What to feed artichoke plants

Jerusalem artichokes don’t need feeding but globe artichokes benefit from a high potassium fertiliser in spring. Both need watering during prolonged dry spells.