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Lily Bulbs

Our exotic lily bulbs are easy to grow, look great in the garden, and make superb cut flowers for the home. Lilies are perfect for a sunny border and do well in containers on the patio too. From tall to short and from fragrant to double-flowering, choose your favourite lily bulbs today. Browse our full flower bulbs selection for further inspiration.

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Lily bulbs – more info

Lily bulbs are a stunning addition to any garden, bringing elegance and vibrant colour with their spectacular blooms. Perfect for beds, borders and patio pots, lilies offer a variety of heights, colours, and bloom times, ensuring a dynamic and ever-changing display throughout the growing season. Find more planting and care tips below.

When to plant lily bulbs

Lily bulbs should be planted in the autumn or early spring – from October to April. Planting during this period allows the bulbs to establish roots before the growing season, ensuring strong and healthy blooms. Choose a well-drained soil and a sunny location for optimal growth.

Which lilies are easiest to grow?

Asiatic lilies, such as ‘Forever Susan, ‘Bald Eagle’ or ‘Red Twin’ are among the easiest to grow. They are hardy, disease-resistant, and bloom reliably with minimal care. Their vibrant flowers and strong stems make them an excellent choice for both novice and experienced gardeners alike.

Which lilies are best for growing in pots?

Varieties like lily ‘Domaso’ are ideal for growing in containers. After the lilies have finished flowering, keep the stems intact until they begin to turn yellow in the autumn. Reduce the amount of water gradually and, over the winter, move the containers to a cool, frost-free area.