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Spinach Seeds

With Dobies spinach seeds you can grow this essential vegetable on any patch or allotment. Packed with health-giving vitamins and minerals, these superfood leaves are delicious eaten raw in salads straight from the garden or served lightly steamed and topped with butter.

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Why Grow Your Own Spinach From Seed?

Spinach is super easy to grow on the allotment and veg patch, or alternatively, can be grown in pots and containers on the patio if you are short of space. You don’t need a large plot to be able to grow your own veg nowadays, and Spinach can be grown in and around other ornamental plants, in troughs and intercropped with other edibles.

Dobies has a wide range of spinach for you to choose from, and plot to plate can happen pretty quickly. There’s no veg patch without a row of Spinach from time to time, so why not try the ‘Perpetual’ – an old favourite and no reason not to be without this fantastic crop. It does exactly as its name suggests and can be grazed at will. Spinach ‘Amazon’ – great for kids, encouraging them to eat their greens. For something a bit different try ‘Gigante d’Inverno’ to complement rice dishes. Not to forget delicious baby spinach.

Spinach tastes delicious when added raw into a salad or sauteed into pasta. Their superfood leaves are packed full of nutrients and are a versatile ingredient in the kitchen. You can pick straight off the plant, and they cut and come again so you can enjoy it time after time.

How To Grow Spinach in the UK

How Long Does It Take To Grow Spinach From Seed?

Spinach seeds should germinate within 12 to 20 days and reach maturity within 4 to 14 weeks. Why not plant Spinach around the feet of Sweetcorn, planted tightly together and letting the Corn rise out as dot plants. As there is generous amounts of seed in a Dobies packet you can grow Spinach in a number of scenarios, even on a trough on a patio or balcony. Repeat showing all year round for a constant supply.

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