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Herb Seeds

Herb seeds are simple to grow in garden borders, window boxes or decorative containers. As well as being pretty, fragrant and endlessly useful in the kitchen, herbs also smell wonderful and attract wildlife to your garden. Have a look at our top-quality selection of essential herb seed. For instant results browse our herb plants collection

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Why should you grow your own Herbs? 

Expand your kitchen garden and grow your own super easy Herbs with Dobies. Even better, when grown in your own kitchen windowsill, varieties like Basil can be picked straight off the leaves while you’re cooking. Other varieties like Sage and Chives grow well in pots and containers on the patio or balcony, so whatever shape of size of your veg patch, you don’t need a garden or allotment to grow Dobies Herb Seeds.

Herbs are used in a range of scenarios, from culinary, to the medical or just the aroma in the garden. Culinary herbs like Parsley and Chives introduce rich flavours to many dishes, whereas Lavender provides deep aromatics and therapeutic qualities. If you want to add structure to your allotment or have an empty space to fill in the garden, Rosemary and Thyme add character but their versatility means they can also be grown in containers and gardens.

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What are the best herb seeds to grow?

Herbs are a great way to expand your kitchen garden and adding your own homegrown herbs to your homecooked dishes will be invaluable. These are just a handful of the tastiest herbs we would recommend:

If you would like to know more, check out our handy Herb Growing Guide for additional hints and tips.

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