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Spring Flowering Bulbs

Spring bulbs are perfect for early colour and interest in the garden. Autumn is the time to get your spring flowering bulbs in the ground, giving them the winter months to put out roots in readiness for a spectacular spring display. Pick your favourite early bloomers from bold and tall daffodil bulbs to compact and colourful crocus bulbs. If planning beyond spring, browse our full flower bulbs and tubers collection.

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Growing spring-flowering bulbs

Spring bulbs are a bold, bright, seasonal joy which is not to be missed. To help you get the best from your displays, here we answer some of the questions we’re most often asked about growing spring bulbs.

When to plant spring bulbs

Aim to get your spring bulbs into the ground during the autumn. From September onwards is best because it gives them time to get established before the onset of winter. Tulip bulbs are something of an exception and are best planted a little later, normally during November and December.

How to plant spring bulbs in containers

Spring bulbs look fantastic in pots and planters. To create your own container displays, first select a pot with decent drainage. Place some pieces of broken pot or stones at the bottom to ensure your bulbs don’t get waterlogged. Next, fill the pot with at least 10cm of compost to enable your bulbs to put down strong roots. Place your bulbs into the container with the flat basal plate down and the tips pointing up. Backfill with more compost and top with a layer of mulch. For longer lasting displays, consider choosing a deeper pot and planting your bulbs in two or three layers.

What to do with spring bulbs after flowering

Spring bulbs will return each spring for many years, but it’s very important to let them die back naturally after flowering. This will allow nutrients to return to the bulb ready for next year. To help bulbs remain in tip top condition, you should continue to water them and apply fertiliser for several weeks after the flowers have finished. Only remove the foliage once it is dead.

For more guidance and tips read our How To Plant Spring Bulbs article. View bulbs for different seasons in our range of summer flowering bulbs and autumn flowering bulbs.