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Plants for Bees

There shouldn’t be a garden empty of bees, because without them our plants wouldn’t survive. Bee’s are one of the most important pollinators and the pollination process is essential. By choosing to grow bee-friendly, pollen- and nectar-rich flowers, this will support the bee population and help our plants to reproduce. Shop bee-attracting flowers.

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Provide a bee-friendly garden and allow them to thrive on the pollen and nectar from your plants. Bees are active from February and October, so you can help by growing pollen- and nectar-rich plants for bees that bloom during this period. There is a host of plants which will do just the job, such as Mahonia, Cotoneaster, Cyclamen, Ivy, Skimmia, Fatsia and Viburnum.

Start supporting the bee population today and check out our selection of plants for all kinds of bee species. 

Top Tips

Planting bee-friendly varieties in your garden is great, but there are also a few more ways you can offer a helping hand to the bees in your garden. 

Following these simple steps will provide winter food and shelter for bees and in return, they will keep pollinating our plants for the summer ahead. A vital partnership which should always be considered.